Other Policies

QuarterK's Other Policies

Last Update:April 2013

Delivery and Shipment Policy

QuarterK is a micro jobs website where most of the orders completed can be delivered electronically. However, if any service requires shipment, the seller will mention it in the hob description along with the shipment charges which will be extra apart from the service charge. The seller will have a strict regulation to use a shipping service which will provide a tracking number through which a buyer can track the shipment details anytime. The seller has an option to use any kind of shipment service if the order is to be delivered within the same city. The seller will receive the amount only after the buyer confirms the receipt of his shipment else the amount shall be refunded in full to the buyer.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If the buyer orders a hob from QuarterK, the refund can only be made by the mutual discussion from the seller. However, if the seller is not able to complete the order in the given time, he/she is entitled to get a grace period of one day after which the buyer has full right to cancel the order (although its in the sole discretion of buyer to extend the order even after the given time is over) and full refund shall be made for him/her thereafter. After ordering a hob in case the mutual cancellation does not work out i.e the seller is not willing to cancel the order then the buyer has to go on with the order.

In case the buyer is not satisfied with the completed product delivered by the seller he/she has an option to make any required changes in the completed work within three days of the order delivery. After three days of the order delivery if there is no response from the buyer then the order will automatically be considered as approved and the money shall be transferred to the seller’s account.

Even after the reviewed changes if the buyer is still not satisfied with the completed work he/she has an option to leave a negative feedback on the seller’s profile.

If the delivered product is not in accordance with the service description mentioned and he/she feels like they are cheated then they are entitled to contact QuarterK customer care at where any further disputes shall be handled and if the delivered product is actually not according to what was asked for than the buyer shall be refunded in full or he/she will have an option to buy another hob, also a negative feedback review will be left in the seller’s profile along with a warning.

After the successful delivery of the service offered if the buyer intentionally leaves a negative feedback in the seller’s account; it has to handled mutually between them , however, if the mutual handling does not lead to viable result then the dispute can be taken to QuarterK customer care at

Giving a negative feedback does not mean refunding of the amount. The amount shall still be transferred to the seller’s account.

Online Registration

All the hobs in QuarterK are publicly visible although to for user to engage in further activities in QuarterK he/she is entitled to compulsory online registration. QuarterK only collects the information from their users which are necessarily required i.e name, email address. Sellers are required to mention their bank details in order to get paid. All other registration fields in QuarterK are optional, however filling them for seller’s will increase their chances of getting more number of orders. For those orders which need shipping buyers are to mention their shipment address directly to the seller in the conversation box. QuarterK does not collect the shipment address either from buyers or sellers. However, if the seller requires the payment to made in the form of check, he/she has to provide the address to QuarterK. We do not sell or share the contact information given by our users to any third party. For more details please read our full Privacy policy.

Product and Service Details

QuarterK is a micro job website .We do not promote selling of any product in the website. However, some completed services may require product shipping. Most of the services will be electronic in nature such as video, pictures, documents, or any other sort of service which can be transferred electronically. The service delivery will be done by attaching the given file in the conversation box.

Pricing Structure

All the micro jobs listed in QuarterK will have a base price of ₹ 250. However, if the job requires more effort and is bigger than the regular work the same hob can be ordered multiple times. Their will also be an option of adding “Hobs+” through which additional amount can be paid in addition to the base amount